The Linux for Biotechnology project (LfB) is dedicated to compiling the most comprehensive collection of Biotechnology software, and making it available for the Linux operating system. LfB provides point-and-click installation, a complete on-line library of searchable documentation, and much more.

The packages on LfB represent the state-of-the-art in Biotechnology data processing, and are identical to the versions used on high end scientific workstations.

The combination of ever decreasing hardware prices, and the superb Linux operating system, now makes it possible to use these same packages on a "standard" personal computer. The current LfB distribution contains Linux versions of the following Biotechnology data reduction and analysis packages :

LfB also now includes a set of graphical and database tools, tools for enhancing the security of your Linux system, and a remote desktop package (VNC).

All the applications have been tested with the Linux system distributions from RedHat (version 6.2) and SuSE (version 6.4). (a full listing of contents of the current release is available here, please note that this is a large file download.)

The collection has been assembled with the assistance of the worldwide Biotechnology software community. The system includes an integrated set of documentation in HTML format, and many packages include PostScript™ format documents. Source code is included where permitted by the package license holders.