Current release - Linux for Biotechnology V1

This is the first release of our massive collection of Biotechnology tools, all pre-built for the Linux operating system.


If you know of any packages which we should include, please send us an email detailing the packages' functionality and the location of an ftp site where they can be found.
Ordering information : click here and then print the order form and send it to us with your payment, or download a postscript version.

Contents :

All packages must now be installed on a hard-disk prior to use. Installing the full set of LfB packages would occupy about 1.5 Gb.

Package installation is done using the 'kpackage' package managment program, or optionally any other RPM capable tool.

Some packages need to install system files and we recommend that you use the 'root' account for installation, and then chown the /opt/lfb directory tree to your regular user account afterwards.

The first step of the LfB installation is to choose where you wish to load the packages and then either

- mount a partition as /opt/lfb if you will be using the entire parititon for LfB


Recommended installation procedure

Please refer to the installation manual for detailed instructions covering specific packages. This is available in a variety of formats in the 'install' directory on the cdrom, and can be downloaded in :

To preview the facilities available, start by installing the 'lfb-basic' package which contains the browsable documentation files for all packages, or simply browse them directly from the cdrom (html directory).

Although many packages CAN be manually unpacked and placed in any location (using rpm directives), we recommend that you use the provided kpackage program to ensure compatability with future releases of 'Linux for Biotechnology'.