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The Random Factory is pleased to announce the availability of our Open Source Astronomy V10 software collections on cdrom.

Each version comprises 5 cdroms filled with Open Source Astronomy software pre-built for your platform of choice. A total of over 150 packages, covering all aspects of astronomy; over 5Gb of ready to run software.

This release updates all the packages from "Volumes 7,8 & 9" and includes many new packages. This is our first multi-platform release and is available for Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows operating systems. Each 5-disc set is platform specific so please be careful to order the correct one for your system.

The Mac OS X version also includes a comprehensive Fink distribution including KDE/Gnome window managers, applications and development tools, facilitating the building of thousands of other Open Source software packages.

The Windows distribution is similarly equipped with a Cygwin cd which also includes X11/KDE/Gnome desktops and a full software development environment providing the capability to build many other Open Source software packages.

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